Vacant Land Closings: $850

Vacant Land Closings: $850

Are you buying or selling vacant land in New York? We can help. Our experienced real estate closing lawyers assist buyers and sellers with purchasing and selling vacant land throughout New York.

We charge a flat fee of $850 from contract to closing for all vacant land transactions; the fee includes the services listed below.


  • Review, negotiation and explanation of the contract of sale,
  • Resolving any pre-closing issues that may arise (including issues of soil contamination),
  • Correspondence with the seller’s attorney and title company,
  • Preparation for closing, including reviewing the title search to ensure there are no liens and judgments against the land,
  • Representation at closing.

NOTE: We recommend that all buyers of vacant land know the zoning of the land to see if it complies with the land’s intended development.  In certain cases, we also strongly recommend one or more inspections to ensure that the soil is not contaminated.


  • Preparation, negotiation and explanation of the real estate contract,
  • Correspondence with the buyer’s attorney and title company.
  • Resolving any pre-closing issues (including issues of soil contamination),
  • Preparation for closing, including obtaining payoffs for any liens and judgments against the seller and/or the land.
  • Representation at closing.

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