1031 Exchange Attorneys: $1,000

1031 Exchange Lawyers: $1,000

The Levin Law Group assists real estate investors in conducting 1031 Exchanges.  In conjunction with third party “qualified intermediaries,” we guide our clients through the process of the 1031 Exchange Law.  We charge $1,000 for a 1031 exchange plus the cost of a Qualified Intermediary plus the cost of the real estate closings.

The $1,000 fee is only applicable to “1 for 1 exchanges” (1 sale and 1 purchase). Additional fees apply for additional closings.


  • Determination of whether property qualifies for 1031 Exchange Treatment,
  • Explanation of time limitations involved,
  • Review and explanation of contract with “qualified intermediary,”
  • Representation at closing for sale of property,
  • Representation at closing for purchase of property, and
  • Guidance on proper transfer of funds to comply with the 1031 Exchange Law.

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