Estate and Will Litigation

Estate and Will Litigation

Our estate and will litigation attorneys provide a wide array of litigation services in surrogate’s court. Our billing is straight forward and requires an initial retainer from which fees are deducted as work is performed.

Whether you want to bring an estate litigation proceeding or defend an estate litigation proceeding, we can assist. Common examples of estate and will litigation include:

  • Disputes regarding the appointment of an administrator of an estate or an executor to a will;
  • Defend or challenge the validity of a will;
  • Disputes with an existing administrator or executor of an estate;
  • Fiduciary litigation to challenge the actions of an administrator or executor in managing the financial affairs of the estate;
  • Estate accounting litigation to challenge or defend the management of the financial affairs of the estate;
  • Removal of an existing administrator or executor for wrongdoing, breach of fiduciary duty, conflict of interest or other valid reasons;
  • Spousal rights of election and disinherited spouses;
  • Defending the rights of disinherited beneficiaries;
  • Kinship proceedings to determine a beneficiary’s right to inherit;
  • Defend or bring a proceeding for theft of estate assets or estate fraud;
  • Bring or defend an action for a forced sale of property belonging to estate;
  • File or defend a claim by a creditor, business partner or other third party;
  • Contested administration proceedings;
  • Contested probate proceedings; and
  • All other surrogate’s court proceeding.

Please contact us for more information! Our estate litigation attorneys look forward to assisting you.

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