Contested Administration

Contested Administration

Estate Administration means that the decedent died without a Will. If the decedent died with a Will, the process is known as Probate. Our Estate Administration attorneys assist administrators and heirs with contested surrogate court proceedings. Contested means that there is a dispute among the heirs as to the appointment of an administrator. If your Estate Administration is Uncontested, we offer a flat fee of $2,500. For Contested Administration, we bill hourly and require a retainer of $5,000. Our Estate Administration lawyers offer assistance with the following:

Defending Administrator Challenges

If you are looking to become an Administrator of an Estate or you are already an Administrator of an Estate and there is a challenge to your appointment as Administrator, we can assist. Our services include:

  • Responding to objections to your appointment as Administrator or to a Petition seeking to remove you as Administrator;
  • Attending surrogate’s court hearings;
  • Assisting with accounting demands from other beneficiaries; and
  • Filing other appropriate documentation.

Challenge the Appointment of an Administrator

If you are a beneficiary of an Estate and somebody else wants to be appointed as an Administrator or has already been appointed as an Administrator and you disagree with the appointment, we can assist. Our services include:

  • Filing objections to the appointment of the Administrator or filing a petition to remove an Administrator;
  • Attending surrogate’s court proceedings;
  • Filing a petition for accounting, if applicable; and
  • Filing other appropriate documentation.

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