Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

Our Real Estate Litigation attorneys can assist with a wide array of real estate related disputes and litigation. Whether your matter is related to a multi-million dollar dispute in New York Supreme Court or a ten thousand dollar matter in New York Civil Court, our attorneys can assist. Our Real Estate Litigation lawyers can represent you with respect to the following matters:

Downpayment Disputes

Are you a Purchaser whose real estate transaction fell through? Is the Seller not returning your downpayment? We can assist.

Are you a Seller whose Purchaser breached the contract? Do you want to sue for liquidated damages to retain the deposit? We can assist.

Action for Partition

Are you a co-owner of real estate who wants to force a sale of the property? We can assist.

Are you a partial owner of real estate whose co-owners are trying to force you to sell the property? We can assist.

Fraudulent Transfers & Real Estate Fraud

We can assist with many types of fraudulent real estate deed transfers, including undue influence over elderly individuals, signature forgery, misrepresentation and more.

Foreclosure Actions & Defense

Has your lender commenced foreclosure proceedings? Let us assist in prolonging or stopping the foreclosure process.

Are you a lender whose borrower has stopped paying the mortgage or has violated another provision of the loan documents? We can assist with the foreclosure process.

Lien & Mortgage Removal

Do you have an old lien or mortgage on your property that is either paid off or not yours? Let us assist you by filing an “action to quiet title.”

Neighbor Related Litigation

Are you having a dispute with your neighbor regarding a fence or other encroachment or regarding construction issues on your or your neighbor’s property? We can represent you as either plaintiff or defendant.

Coop & Condo Related Lawsuits

We can assist you with your dispute with a coop board, condo board or homeowner’s association.

General Real Estate Litigation

We represent individuals and entities in a wide array of real estate litigation matters not listed above, including real estate related torts, insurance related real estate lawsuites, zoning disputes and more.