Shareholder / Partnership Documents: $750+

Do you own your business with a partner? What happens if you and your partner cannot agree on a major business decision? Chances are you will end up in court and have to spend thousands of dollars on attorneys’ fees – not to mention that your business will suffer.

To help prevent any potential dispute, make sure you are protected with a proper agreement. Our lawyers can help you prepare a top-notch agreement that will protect your rights and list your partner’s obligations.

Below are the documents that help govern the relationship with your partner(s):

  • CORPORATION: Bylaws & Shareholders Agreement: $750 each or $1,000 for both.
  • LLC: Membership Agreement: $750
  • PARTNERSHIP & LLP: Partnership Agreement: $750

On the other hand, if you use our services to Buy your BusinessInvest in a Business, or to Open a Business, we can reduce our price for preparing any of the above agreements to $500 (unless the agreements are anticipated to be extremely complex or negotiations are expected to take much longer than customary).

Our partnership lawyers service the following areas:

  • New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island);
  • Long Island (Nassau county and Suffolk county);
  • Lower Hudson Valley (Westchester county, Orange County, Putnam County and Rockland County); and
  • New Jersey (Bergen county, Essex county, Hudson county, Union county and Middlesex County).

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