Lend or Borrow Money

Lender/Borrower Representation: $850+

Are you a commercial or private lender looking to lend money and want to make sure that your funds will be legally protected? Alternatively, are you a borrower looking to borrow money and require an attorney to review and negotiate your loan documents? Our attorneys can help. We represent lenders and borrowers from the loan negotiation process to the final “closing” with respect to any business loan (for real estate loans, click here).

Our fee starts at $850, depending on the complexity of the loan structure and the estimated negotiation time.

The fee is a flat fee and includes the following services:


  • Negotiation of the loan terms
  • Preparation of the promissory note
  • Preparation of the collateral documents
  • Recording the security documents with the appropriate agency
  • Representation at closing


  • Negotiation of the loan terms
  • Review of the promissory note
  • Review of the collateral documents
  • Representation at closing

Our loan attorneys represent clients in all areas of New York, including all 5 boroughs of NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island), Long Island (both Nassau and Suffolk county), Westchester county and upstate NY. We look forward to helping you.


If you are a lender or borrower and need representation with respect to the mortgage process or for refinancing, click here.  A mortgage is a security instrument.


When making a loan, a lender should consider the following:

  • Can the borrower repay the loan?
  • What is the collateral on the loan? In other words, if the borrower cannot pay, what asset guarantees the loan?
  • Terms of the loan (interest only, interest and principal, etc.)

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